• Mrs. Falaknaz Danish

  • I/c. Principal

Aim for the Stars and You reach the Sky

At the onset, I thank the Honorable President and Management of Anjuman-I-Islam for starting Barrister A.R.Antulay College of Law. The College shall stand as a charioteer for the noble objectives of Anjuman-I-Islam by making sincere efforts to produce committed and efficient law professionals thereby contributing to the growth of the legal system in the country. Our mission is to transform the students as competent, conscientious and public spirited legal professionals responsive and suitable to face contemporary challenges for dissemination of justice as well as make a rewarding career by realizing their potentials.

Success is not a destination but a journey and by achieving small tasks on regular basis, the College shall aim to strive and provide-Education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased and intellect is expanded, which assist one to stand on their own feet. The ‘EXTRA’ which is needed for an out of the box thinking will be stimulated in and off classroom teaching.

This goal shall be untiringly achieved through curricular and co-curricular activities such as moot courts, visits to courts, study tours, research, articles, publications, workshops, seminars etc to ensure personality development of students. I am confident that with the whole hearted support and cooperation of the teaching as well as non-teaching staff, the mission will be realized.

I welcome and thank my students for choosing Barrister A.R.Antulay College of Law and seek their support by their performance in making this Institute the threshold of excellence and imminence in legal fraternity.


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