Vice President {Mr. Mushtaq Antulay}
  • Vice President

  • Mr. Mushtaq Antulay

The inception of “Barrister A.R. Antulay College of Law” marks yet another landmark achievement of Anjuman-I-Islam since its advent in 1874 from a school to conglomerate more than 90 Institutes of high repute, imparting professional learning and academic excellence. We at Anjuman-.I-Islam envisage a vision for social transformation- enhancing potential change in evolution of youth through education empowerment and self-realization which will broaden one’s vision in being a civilized, cultured and learned citizen of INDIA.

With this approach, the Law College aims at preparing its students intellectually to “Stand up, speak out and achieve” in all walks of life in the world which witness to the survival of the geniuses. Progressively, value addition through dynamic, innovative programmes for exposure to practical nuances and intricacies of competitive legal scenario shall be the motto of the faculty. A research approach to nurture and re-organize the “best values and potentials” of every student shall be paramount mission in transforming them into responsible human and metamorphing them into excellent lawyers thereby building a ‘sustainable society.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you for choosing Barrister A. R. Antulay College of Law thereby exhibiting confidence in us. I welcome you to this platform for your future goals and ambitions and promise incessant support in furthering your aspirations.

I warmly extend my best wishes to the Principal and Staff in all their future endeavors in making this College a stepping stone for legal aspirants to scale new heights of success.


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